Program your mind to overcome hardships

2018-03-03 16:04:14

Our strong emotions save moments into our memory and into our subconscious mind. When you feel extremely overwhelmed, hopeless, or feeling like dying due to anxiety, you have to take control.

Also, the only reason you are feeling that way because you are already lost the control.

Do small pep-talks everyday until you take the control back. To take back to control keep telling this to yourself hundred times.

Everything is good and no matter what, it’s going to get better and I’m going to control myself and make those good things happen.


Then boom, you successfully saved that powerful sentences to your subconscious mind and memory.

Your emotions will save that moment into your memory. If it’s really one of the worst moments(or the best) of your life, you will never forget that moment. So, it’s an opportunity to empower yourself.

Keep talking to yourself about your goals and how they are going to happen no matter what and even though everything around you reminds that “you’ve lost, you’ve fallen”, it’s just an opportunity to rise and you are on the right track and even though if you feel like you pulled the wrong string that means that you learned now and you are getting more experienced and ahead of some people anyway.

Couple days, weeks, and months later, when you looked back, you will be proud of yourself and you will see that you didn’t give up. You tried your best to motivate yourself and since you didn’t allow your subconscious to internalize failure and becoming a loser, congrats you are a winner now.

You won your own battle. You will have more confidence and will power to do anything. You will be able to catch the right moment to take action to change things to something better. Why? Because your subconscious mind is aware of everything even when you are not paying attention and you made your borders clear by not giving up and focusing on success and positivity. You tried your best to look forward, you took your focus away from a failure and now it’s not there. Your subconscious and memory will not remind your failures that when you smell a coffee, heard a song from somewhere or something triggered your emotions and memory in your brain. You will be able to focus on the good to change things. When you went back home, sat on your chair, and remembered you were crying two months ago while sitting on the same chair, you will also remember that how strong you were and how you didn’t let your failures win. You surrounded yourself with positivity by saying,

“Everything is not the best but it’s good enough and it’s going to get better.”

even though maybe it was the worst.

Don’t let your perception to trick you. Things may seem that it’s the worst but even it is, it’s the worst for you not for all the people in the world. So, think it as you are experiencing new lows in your life, you are learning from them. Try to embrace them, try to learn from them. They are not going to disappear like *poof*. There is no magic trick to do that. Instead of overwhelming yourself, try to embrace them. Then, separate the obstacle into small parts that you can solve one by one. Don’t try to move something that feels like 1000 pound rock at once. You or someone else might have dropped that huge rock into your living space but you gotta push it or move it out somehow, right?!

Get your thoughts straight which will effect your emotions.

Then when you feel better, get a coffee, eat fruit, or solve 1000 pieces of puzzle to uncover that good picture. You gotta motivate yourself and flourish.

Then with that motivation, get moving, start doing something.. anything.

Get used to doing healthy stuff. Sleep eight hours everyday consistently to think clear.

Take action then be patient enough to see the results. It will not happen tomorrow, but it will happen.