Our inner child

2018-02-08 00:09:17
While we were children, our parents were helping us to walk the road of life.
We replaced them. We are helping to our inner child to walk the road right now.

Our inner child has it's own life goals which is called passion but we also have to keep our physical body alive by working at a job to provide food and shelter to our physical body.

As an adult,

I define my physical body as my current parents.

Before, my parents were providing me food, water, and shelter.

Now, I have to do it by myself.

Before, I could solely be my inner child.

Now, I have to feed my physical self and then i can be my inner child when i have time.

While I'm doing that, people who are lost in life forcing me to lose my inner child.

They say it's 'adulting'.

Well... They got the concept wrong. You are adulting when you can feed yourself and walk with your inner child.

Did our parents left alone without food, water, and shelter?

Well again.. some of them left and luckily some of us survived.

Still, we know that parenting includes giving our child basic human needs, alongside teaching the life to them. We teach each every word we know, explain what everything means.

While we are aware of these key points, why we don't do good parenting to ourselves?

What are we missing? Are we not aware of our inner child or are we ignoring it while it's starving?

What lie do you tell to yourself?

Have you ever thought?

Everything will be fine by time.

Everything will be, your inner child WILL NOT!

How can you suppress your vital part of your existence in this world?

When you broke your arm, it will be better by time. When you fail, if you keep doing it, you will be better by time. You broke up with your girlfriend/boyfriend, you will feel better by time.

They all are external events, they are happening outside.

But, why can't our inner child cannot get better by time?

Also answer this question, then you will understand why i put physical self and inner child together.

Why can't you feed yourself if you don't go to work?

Our physical existence and our soul (i call it our inner child) need to be worked for.

Keeping everything together is even harder for millennials. Why? Because we have to work at 2-3 jobs just to survive.

What happened to us? What happened to humanity?

Tesla releases cars that can drive itself. Toys for the wealthy, that's how 'amazing' technology is being used for.

Sometimes, I'm like "Wowow Hey Dude, stop right there."

Then continue with,

While this "innovation" can help to make "our" lives better.

Dude, what happened to people starving in Africa?!

Are we too busy going up alone instead of seeing what is going on around?

Are you feel fulfilled with your life? What are your values?

I recently posted a survey on Twitter.

Here is the result.

Yes + maybe = 79%

My conclusion from this survey is that we need a guide.

We need parents. We need to be our inner-childs parents who guides us to the right direction.

We stopped parenting to ourselves, we left our inner-child hungry. Maybe it's starving now.

What is worse that is, we expect someone else to do that parenting for us.

Maybe a partner, maybe someone else which might never happen.

I mean, you coincide with someone in life who can do parenting for you but....

Damn, you are there and you are very capable to be parent of your inner-child, your passions, your goals.

We... millennials can actually still thrive... only if we can see our actual power in ourselves.

Use it, work on your confidence, work on your ideas, bring them out, draw your path.

Walk with your child...


Also in the survey

(I'll do everything alone = 15%) of the people actually thinks that way.

Please comment down, why people said "they will do everything alone?"

Is it related to lack of trust to people or something else?