I recently watched that video on youtube...

2018-02-01 12:23:28

Here is the video (Please watch the video first) :

There were four things that the guy said:

“To feel psychologically that they are also human beings, there are people to care for them, they have a hand to hold, hope to live.”
“So, the food will give them physical nutrition. The love and affection which you show, will give them mental nutrition.”
“What is the ultimate purpose of life? It’s to give. Start giving. See the joy of giving.”
“We feed the homeless, mentally ill destitute, and the old people who have been left uncared, of the society.”

I believe that these four quotes focus on basic human needs. We come to this world, we need to be cared. If we have parents, they give us food, love, and affection. Afterwards, if we can find someone, our partners continue to give us love and affection while we give ourselves food by working, if we have a job. Next thing you feel is emptiness. Let’s say you figured out most things. You realize that you have to do something about that feeling. As the guy said that “What is the ultimate purpose of life? It’s to give. Start giving. See the joy of giving.” If you are educated enough to know how to deal with your mental turmoil, you reach to some kind of realization, you start giving, and become a part of some community. I haven’t seen further yet and I don’t know what comes after. Maybe, I’m not educated enough. I cannot see further. Therefore, these four quotes can become something different depends on how much you can relate to it and I’m pretty sure that there will be some people who will never get it. It’s important to be able to interpret the meaning mental nutrition and ultimate purpose of life by using our own understanding and thoughts.

I want to begin with how mental nutrition might be different for everyone. In my opinion, everyone’s mental nutrition is what they psychologically need the most. If someone never loved by another person before, they might need to be loved the most. If someone never felt passion, they might need that someone else or something to trigger it. If someone never contributed or became part of a community before they might be suffering different kind of loneliness. It’s important to identify what a human needs the most and what we need as a mental nutrition. It’s easy to become separated from the society. It doesn’t only happen when you are alone without interaction. Also, if you can mostly relate to same things together with your friends, you are separated from society too. Why? Because, you can never learn what makes you feel uneasy time to time while you are in your own comfort zone… That’s what it was supposed to be — a comfort zone. Obviously, it is not anymore. Most people tend to stay with what they feel themselves close to, the ideas they can relate to. They will usually want someone they can relate, someone who felt the same pain before, someone who can connect to them in a deeper level but when they do that, they stop searching, they stop looking for an answer, they think sharing the burden makes it disappear. Come on blind society! People are dying in this world. Look around. Still, they stay with with the people who knows same amount of information and has same amount of experience in life that can never push them any further in life, they feel better together, they ignore everything else while elephants are in the room. They say, it’s a human nature to be depressive time to time. Afterwards, they ignore their wealth and all the potential to change something in the world. Their constantly mood changes become something they normalize. It’s like your ship sank in the ocean and you swam to the closest island just to find out that someone else’s ship also sank and they ended up there. Would you prefer to team up to get out of that island or would you prefer to deal with wild life there and build a whole new civilization from beginning? Well… It’s not a rocket science, everyone would choose to get out of the island if they really knew something better is out there. Nevertheless, people give up, time pass, people say “water under the bridge”, people cease to find that mental nutrition they needed. They give up, they settle with less, they stop helping people by stopping to help themselves, they don’t know that out of their comfort zone might be the only thing that can fill the void, take out the unease and pain, transform everything to something better. Now, you might be already started thinking how exactly is this related to homeless people in India. Unfortunately, we are in a world where many people still need food and clean water, these all supposedly incredible technology doesn’t seem that it found a way to generalize the solutions for most basic human needs. While some people are aware and actually can help to them, many others just ignore in wealth.

To sum up, Narayanan Krishnan’s point was very understandable for me but it might not be possible to teach that kind of awareness for everyone. I think the society is really messed up and lost in the systems of the countries. Even I think, I’m so close to lose myself in life. I don’t have data to talk about it or prove anything but we need to change something, anything. I still believe that humankind will evolve in the future and we will be capable to see the big picture and we will learn how to deal important subjects like this while we feel that everything is falling down.